Sunday, July 20, 2014

How do former empires get colonized by their own colonies? Europe's Refugee Racket

Refugee Racket NGO is in agreement with growing demand for banning Muslim immigration to Europe and all non-Muslim countries, or as the muslims put it, 'dar al harb' [land of war (against kafirs)]. Such a statement seems politically incorrect in a world of ignorant and naive politicians and peddlers of political correct nonsense. But not really. All sovereign nations control who they let in and can set any criteria they want. Canada, Australia and NZ have clear technical skills and value criteria. Holland is implementing strict 'criteria' that reduces the chance for uneducated or intolerant attitudes getting in. Holland is severely restricting their refugee and asylum intake. Geert Wilder's Freedom party is pushing for a moratorium on Muslim immigration and other parties are not so opposed. The same proposals are being heard in Denmark and Switzerland. Clearly some parties in Europe are pushing the immigrant 'criteria' envelope into so called 'forbidden territory,' at least to the PC police, that is. 

Europe has a rapidly growing problem with Muslim nogo zones,  also known as 'sharia ghettos.'  In these sharia ghettos, police fear to tread.  The Muslims don't believe in secular law, they get their rules from Allah. So, how do former empires get colonized by their own colonies? Chirson explains.

Muslim Immigrants and Their Suicidal Prey

It is jolting to read but truth is like that.  Meanwhile, the PRM (Population, Refugees and Migration) Bureau of the State Dept. (budget $1.5Billion) has targets to import more than 50,000 Muslims as refugees this coming fiscal year.  That is part of their 150,000 quota this year (includes Cubans, Haitans, special cases, etc.), all with the full benefits welcoming package.  

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