Saturday, June 21, 2014

State PRM Annual Meeting - Observations 2012

The Refugee Racket industry is huge, but the center, the money gusher is the State Dept's Population, Refugees and Migration (StatePRM or PRM) division managed by Asst. Secretary Anne Richard.  Each year in May the PRM has a public meeting for comments regarding the PRM's  refugee quotas for the next year.  in my earlier posts, I described how in 2013 the State Dept. refused cell phone cameras or any other recording equipment at the open hearing.  There were plenty of critics at that meeting and Secretary Richards was pissed.  So in 2014, the PRM announced that there would be NO public meeting in May 2014.  When I asked for the public comments sent in via email or fax (the only methods left after the public hearing was axed), the PRM decided that those public comments were private and could not be shared with the public!  I've been studying the Refugee Racket for almost two years.  In 2012, the following observation of the 2012 meeting was posted at View From the Right (Lawrence Auster) and intriqued me.  Funny how so little has changed except now that the critics are coming out of the woodwork, PRM is determined to shut us up.  We'll see about that.  i'll come back to Lawrence Auster and his innovative plan of separation to deal with the Moslem threat at a later date.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ISIL (Iraq and Levant Caliphate) is Pure islam

This blog is about the refugee racket and Islam plays a big role in that racket.  ISIS/ISIL is in the news everywhere, and they (the newscasters and the expert guests) all tell you that ISIL deviates from Islam.  False.  ISIL is pure Islam.
By that I mean it is true to the teachings of Islam verbatim without any constraints contrived by civilized men, i.e., the kafirs, the unbelievers.  Anyone who has studied the Koran and Islam's 1400 years of conquest by sword, deceit and stealth knows this.  That is why any of these academic scholars and professors, the experts on Islam on the telly, are Moslem or dhimmi sycophants.  You know they are a phoney by their statements if you know Islam.  Same is true for these Christian and Jewish clergy who join in these interfaith 'cherish what we agree on' cheerleader sessions.  Look, if they haven't figured out Islam by now, you have to ask why?  Dumb, conspiratorial?  That is why Moslem immigration, whether as legal immigrants, special visas (Iraqis, Afghanis, etc.), refugees or asylum seekers (the E ticket immigraton path), or illegal visa overstayers, or border trespass, it is a problem, and Refugee Racket will expose this as we expose the fraud and corruption in the multibillion dollar Refugee Racket financed by you.

UPDATE 6 28 14 - Need more proof that ISIL practices Islam by the book? See this article about ISIL crucifying apostates. 

Here is a photo of this crucifixion with the koranic verse 5:33 commanding it from the believers!

Denial is our worst problem and will assure our destruction.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Call for Congressional Hearings About State Dept. PRM and HHS ORR

After a year of studying the Refugee Racket, this website has become the primary vehicle to expose the fraud, corruption and leftist agenda of the major players in the Refugee Racket. Every year, the State Dept PRM Division under Asst. Secretary Anne Richards requests public comments regarding the upcoming year's budget and refugee intake quotas. In 2013, I asked the State Dept. PRM if I could videotape or photograph the public hearing portion after submitting comments. No, you cannot! But why not? I couldn't get an answer. The public hearing in 2013 was dominated by critics of the refugee industray, and the State Dept. PRM was not happy about that!

This past May, the 2014 public comments period came around and the State Dept. PRM announced there would be no public hearing. In addition the State Dept. PRM announced that there would be no available record of any comments submitted!

What does all this tell you? It tells me that the State Dept. PRM is corrupt and run by evil people who don't want the public to know what they are doing. I submitted comments to the State Dept. PRM and I cross-copied those comments via fax to every member of the Senata and House Immigration Committees. I called for an investigation and congressional hearings and outlined in detail the corruption and fraud within the State Dept. PRM. I cross-copied many Senators and Reps. with the same information asking that they press their immigration committee to investigate. I will post if there is any followup with me from any Senator, Rep., Committee or congressional aide.

The following is the full text of the call for investigation and the comments I sent to the State Dept. PRM. It is long explaining in detail what is really going on. It's all true and shows the sorry and corrupt state the refugee racket industry has become:


Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Purpose of the Website

The purpose of Refugee Racket Exposed ( is simple - Expose the refugee and asylum system that has developed in the US and make Congress investigate the fraud and corruption and the negative impact the refugee racket industry has on America and Americans.

The Refugee Racket system is a multibillion dollar racket and controls the importation and/or settlement of over 150,000 refugees and asylum seekers into the US at taxpayer's expense. I intend to expose the players who game and corrupt the system and to educate Congress about this abused program. Congress needs to dramatically scale back and reform the refugee and asylum industry. Taxpayers are on the hook for the refugees and asylum seekers resettlement in more ways than you can imagine. You pay for all of it. The Refugee Racket is the perfect example of the adage 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions.' In America today, it is dangerous to rock the boat. You will be attacked, and in some cases, physically harmed by those within the refugee racket. For this reason, I post under the pseudonym Jan Sobieski to protect myself and my family from harm. If you don't know who Jan Sobieski is, google it.