Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Anne Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch Explains the Refugee Racket and Syrian Refugee Push by the State Dept.

The State Dept. is engaged in a big propaganda push to import  65,000 Syrian 'refugees' by the end of 2016!  It's crazy, it's insane, but the push is on.  The State Dept. has actually financed a propanganda division called "Welcoming America"  to whitewash the refugee program and censor its critics.

Anne Corcoran at Refugee Resettlement Watch has an excellent 4 minute video explaining what the State Dept PRM wants to do, and why it is important that we stop them.  Check it out!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Want to ask the State Dept. PRM Bureau about the Refugee Racket?

It's interesting that Anne Richard, UnderSecretary at the State Dept. doesn't want to talk about the dirty secrets of the Refugee Racket.  Maybe you can have better luck.

Here's the email and phone # for Anne Richard's PR guy.  Give him a caill or send an email and ask questions.  After all, you pay for the refugee racket.

Public Affairs Advisor Dan Langenkamp, State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, at langenkampdb@state.gov, PRMpress@state.gov or (202) 453-9339.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Energized for 2015, Is the State Dept. PRM Ready?

Establishing a 2015 plan to expose the refugee and asylum racket.  I'm back after taking care of business.  This year both the House and Senate Immigration Committees will be in 'conservative' hands.  Soon I will have the list of members and their addresses and phone numbers published here.  What's more my small group is optimistic to get inside scoops this year about what is going on inside the refugeeracket, a multibillion dollar enterprise.  Cui buono?  Who benefits?  and who loses.

It has been three days since the jihad razzia against Charlie Hebdo.  Do your part, learn the truth about Islam and help me save the Muslims from their chains.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Something To Hit Clueless Republicans Over The Head With:

We have stopped the Boehner immigration bill, at least for now.  But readers need to know what we do want.  In the future, I will summarize my objectives for changing the US immigration system.  The number 1 action the US should take is stopping all muslim immigration now.  Doesn't cost a dime and throws a major wrench in the islamization machine.  In the meantime, I urge everyone to read  Paul Nachman's

Something To Hit Clueless Republicans Over The Head With: A Resource For VDARE.Com Readers.

Nachman gives a good overview of what we are up against as Obama and the Democrats plot to flood the country with third world invasions PAID FOR BY YOU.  The corruption in Washington DC knows no limits.  Now we must take a stand and stop the corruption and lies. 

Ann Corcoran at Refugee Resettlement Watch has some additional insight on what we must do to end Pharoah Obama's immigrant invasion.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visa for Sale - The EB-5 Investment Visa Racket

Besides the multibillion dollar refugee racket financed by YOU, there are other immigration rackets you need to know about.  The Visa investment racket has exploded since the 2008 financial meltdown.  The EB-5 visa racket is now generating over 10,000+ investment visas annually, up from a few hundred ten years ago.  The actual number may be as high as 50,000 including visas for the family of the applicant, but no one really knows.   Like all the government's immigration rackets, it began with good intentions.  Fortune has an excellent article about how the EB-5 racket has morphed into a booming business with intermediaries and agents skimming and scamming and the DHS seemingly lost in how to manage the program.  No surprise there.   If the government is going to be a whore and sell visas, why not cutout the middlemen, and sell the visas directly for $1 million paid directly to the US govt with no refund, nothing, and require the $1 million be used solely for paying down our deficit.   Of course, even that simplified scheme would be distorted and abused.  I think the government, if it wants to keep the visa for sale racket, should look at other countries' visa for sale schemes and assess what works best and change the program.

The dark, disturbing world of the visa-for-sale program

Whether you’re a skilled technology worker or a poor laborer, it’s getting harder to become a U.S. citizen. But for those with $500,000 to buy their way in, it’s a different matter. That’s just the beginning of the problem.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How do former empires get colonized by their own colonies? Europe's Refugee Racket

Refugee Racket NGO is in agreement with growing demand for banning Muslim immigration to Europe and all non-Muslim countries, or as the muslims put it, 'dar al harb' [land of war (against kafirs)]. Such a statement seems politically incorrect in a world of ignorant and naive politicians and peddlers of political correct nonsense. But not really. All sovereign nations control who they let in and can set any criteria they want. Canada, Australia and NZ have clear technical skills and value criteria. Holland is implementing strict 'criteria' that reduces the chance for uneducated or intolerant attitudes getting in. Holland is severely restricting their refugee and asylum intake. Geert Wilder's Freedom party is pushing for a moratorium on Muslim immigration and other parties are not so opposed. The same proposals are being heard in Denmark and Switzerland. Clearly some parties in Europe are pushing the immigrant 'criteria' envelope into so called 'forbidden territory,' at least to the PC police, that is. 

Europe has a rapidly growing problem with Muslim nogo zones,  also known as 'sharia ghettos.'  In these sharia ghettos, police fear to tread.  The Muslims don't believe in secular law, they get their rules from Allah. So, how do former empires get colonized by their own colonies? Chirson explains.

Muslim Immigrants and Their Suicidal Prey

It is jolting to read but truth is like that.  Meanwhile, the PRM (Population, Refugees and Migration) Bureau of the State Dept. (budget $1.5Billion) has targets to import more than 50,000 Muslims as refugees this coming fiscal year.  That is part of their 150,000 quota this year (includes Cubans, Haitans, special cases, etc.), all with the full benefits welcoming package.  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Get the Facts at Refugee Resettlement Watch

The site Refugee Resettlement Watch inspired me to create RefugeeRacket.com.  Anne Corcoran has worked tirelessly for years establishing a database of statistics, facts and articles about the refugee industry.  Anyone who wants to understand how the refugee racket works should visit her site.

Her most important page is the Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheet.  Visit it and have your eyes opened.

Haynes, Wyoming Candidate for Governor Gets the Refugee Racket

Most politicians are clueless about the refugee racket.  DC politicians who pass budgets for the State Dept ($1.5B refugee line items) and the HHS ($1.5B refugee/family line items) and other costs 'hidden' in other huge budget items (welfare, tanf, snap, wic, sec8, medicaid, public school resources, etc.) estimated over $40B annually - they don't have a clue how it works. They are just line items in much bigger budgets.  The State Dept. pushes refugees and asylum quotas exceeding 150,000 every year, and the HHS pushes minor illegal aliens and family reunification for another 100,000 'refugees.'  Every year.  And all of them get all the welfare benefits of full citizenship and more, including special grants and cash payments.  Including long term support after the first year, our govt. spends over $100 Billion annually for welfare and direct support for 'refugees.'  It is a HUGE racket and our politicians haven't a clue.   Most think the 'churches' represented by the Big 9 NGOs:

get their funding from private sources to resettle refugees and unaccompanied minors.  False.  Other big players like the Baptists Children and Family Services (BCFS) are in big on the unaccompanied minor racket funded by the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). On average, based on most recent filings, 92% of these NGOs' revenue is government grants from the State Dept and HHS!  Most no longer even bother trying to raise private charity funding.  Why bother!  The government is a money gusher for these groups, the grants come like clockwork every year.  And salaries at these NGOs are amazing.  CEOs earning a half million or more a year.  Executive salaries and benefits exceeding 30% to 50% of their 'granted' revenue.  And no one in our government cares.   No oversight as long as they make their refugee resettlement quotas.

But there is one candidate for governor that has done his homework and does get it.   Taylor H. Haynes M.D. is running for Governor in Wyoming.  Wyoming is the ONLY state that does not have a refugee racket resettlement system in place.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Picket Signs for National Invasion Protest Weekend

There will be several protest sites around my city.  I'll be there with my protest signs I worked on last night and today I approved my proofs from Fastsigns (thanks Katie).   Picking them up Thursday.   I urge everyone to let the Pharoah and his sycophants know we aren't going to take it.

The refugee racket is huge, and the unaccompanied alien children is about 25% of the 50 billion dollar racket.  NGOs make a lot of money in the refugee racket with many of their CEOs making a $400,000 plus salary.  More on that in a post soon.

 It's all taxpayer money and you don't even know about it, and the government has practically no oversight of these NGOs.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

State PRM Annual Meeting - Observations 2012

The Refugee Racket industry is huge, but the center, the money gusher is the State Dept's Population, Refugees and Migration (StatePRM or PRM) division managed by Asst. Secretary Anne Richard.  Each year in May the PRM has a public meeting for comments regarding the PRM's  refugee quotas for the next year.  in my earlier posts, I described how in 2013 the State Dept. refused cell phone cameras or any other recording equipment at the open hearing.  There were plenty of critics at that meeting and Secretary Richards was pissed.  So in 2014, the PRM announced that there would be NO public meeting in May 2014.  When I asked for the public comments sent in via email or fax (the only methods left after the public hearing was axed), the PRM decided that those public comments were private and could not be shared with the public!  I've been studying the Refugee Racket for almost two years.  In 2012, the following observation of the 2012 meeting was posted at View From the Right (Lawrence Auster) and intriqued me.  Funny how so little has changed except now that the critics are coming out of the woodwork, PRM is determined to shut us up.  We'll see about that.  i'll come back to Lawrence Auster and his innovative plan of separation to deal with the Moslem threat at a later date.