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Call for Congressional Hearings About State Dept. PRM and HHS ORR

After a year of studying the Refugee Racket, this website has become the primary vehicle to expose the fraud, corruption and leftist agenda of the major players in the Refugee Racket. Every year, the State Dept PRM Division under Asst. Secretary Anne Richards requests public comments regarding the upcoming year's budget and refugee intake quotas. In 2013, I asked the State Dept. PRM if I could videotape or photograph the public hearing portion after submitting comments. No, you cannot! But why not? I couldn't get an answer. The public hearing in 2013 was dominated by critics of the refugee industray, and the State Dept. PRM was not happy about that!

This past May, the 2014 public comments period came around and the State Dept. PRM announced there would be no public hearing. In addition the State Dept. PRM announced that there would be no available record of any comments submitted!

What does all this tell you? It tells me that the State Dept. PRM is corrupt and run by evil people who don't want the public to know what they are doing. I submitted comments to the State Dept. PRM and I cross-copied those comments via fax to every member of the Senata and House Immigration Committees. I called for an investigation and congressional hearings and outlined in detail the corruption and fraud within the State Dept. PRM. I cross-copied many Senators and Reps. with the same information asking that they press their immigration committee to investigate. I will post if there is any followup with me from any Senator, Rep., Committee or congressional aide.

The following is the full text of the call for investigation and the comments I sent to the State Dept. PRM. It is long explaining in detail what is really going on. It's all true and shows the sorry and corrupt state the refugee racket industry has become:


Dear Senators/Representatives on Senate and House Committees on Immigration:

You serve on the immigration committee in the Senate or House. Your job is to make sure the refugee resettlement program does not create a burden on the taxpayer or impact the local communities where refugees are placed. That is your job on this committee. I am writing to you with a copy of my comments to the State Dept Bureau of Population, Refugees, Migration (PRM)’s annual public comments provided 5/29/14. I need your assistance. I have spent the past year investigating the federal refugee and asylum system. Sadly what I have discovered is alarming, and I urge you to investigate what is going on in the Refugee and Asylum programs currently being administered by the State Dept with HHS.

When refugee and asylum financing was centralized under federal control in 1980, the budget was less than 100 million. Today the PRM budget for 2015 is 1.2 billion. If you add in other government services used by refugees and asylum seekers, the annual budget exceeds $20 billion. That is a 20,000% increase in expenditures for refugee and asylum services after 30 years. Like so many government programs, good intentions have evolved into a bureaucratic monster with many players with the State Dept. holding the golden purse, and granting money to a wide array of Non-Govt. Organizations (NGOs). The Refugee Racket is now in full swing. Like the VA scandals that are only now being discovered, the Refugee Racket is riddled with corruption, fraud and conflicts of interest that harm the taxpayers and negatively impact communities far and wide.

Annual reports are due to you from the PRM detailing the US intake and the performance of refugees to assure they are not a burden on the US taxpayer. In fact they are over two years past due. These reports are never commented on, reviewed as far as I know by anyone on immigration committees, and never discussed in the media. These reports have become outright frauds, signed off by the highest officials in the US State Dept and the Dept of HHS.

The State Dept has asked for public comments as part of their annual review. Attached following my letter are my comments to Ms. Anne Richards at the State Dept. PRM. This program is simply out of control, with big business NGOs such as IRC, LIRS and the Catholic Refugee NGOs dumping enormous numbers of inassimilable refugees in our small towns devastating these communities. Once their initial NGO payments end, the NGOs move them onto the dole. Did you know that over 60% of refugees are still on the dole after 5 years?! But the State Dept. will tell you very different numbers. How do they get away with it? Simple, the definition of ‘economic independence’ or ‘self sufficiency’ has been dumbed down over the years. Today, ‘economic independence’ does not mean economic independence or non use of govt. welfare. What does it mean today? Economic independence at the State Dept. means the refugee has a job or had a job in the last six months, and dependency on govt. programs are not considered as dependency.

Refugee dependency is nothing new; it’s been a problem since 1980 when refugee admissions became government financed; only now it is just really huge and debilitating for local communities. Wilson-Fish is one program established to resolve the ‘dependency’ problem. The Wilson-Fish alternative (so named for its Congressional sponsors) was added in 1984 as an amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act. The amendment authorized the Secretary of Health and Human Services to implement alternative projects for refugees:

“[t]he Secretary shall develop and implement alternative projects for refugees who have been in the United States less than thirty-six months, under which refugees are provided interim support, medical services, support services, and case management, as needed, in a manner that encourages self-sufficiency, reduces welfare dependency, and fosters greater coordination among the resettlement agencies and service providers.”

The Wilson-Fish amendment was initially introduced as part of the FY1985 Continuing Resolution on Appropriations. On October 2, 1984 when Senator Wilson introduced Amendment No. 6965, he stated very clearly that:

“The specific intention of this amendment is to encourage refugee self-support and employment in California, a State which consistently receives at least 22 percent of all incoming refugees. A disproportionate number of refugees end up on welfare rolls. The language in this amendment will allow alternative approaches to this welfare dependency cycle.”

In contrast to the “specific intent” of the Wilson-Fish amendment, the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement has unilaterally and without legislative authorization, used the Wilson-Fish alternative to continue resettling refugees in states where the State has decided to discontinue participating in this non-mandatory federal program.

For example, the 1995 notice of available funding for Wilson-Fish projects states that “This announcement [for funding Wilson-Fish projects] also provides for an alternative project to be a vehicle to continue resettlement programs in States where the State government chooses not to administer RCA/RMA or equivalent programs.”

The U.S Office of Refugee Resettlement website states that “the purposes of the Wilson-Fish program are to:
 ~Increase refugee prospects for early employment and self-sufficiency
 ~Promote coordination among voluntary resettlement agencies and service providers
 ~Ensure that refugee assistance programs exist in every state where refugees are resettled”

The last “purpose” added by the federal agency, is not supported by either the language or intent of the Wilson-Fish statutory language. Wilson-Fish is being used illegally by the State Dept. PRM to deny the State’s rights to control who gets resettled, and who must financially support the refugees. Does the federal government have the constitutional authority to pass off a federal program to a non-profit group which effectively eliminates, or nearly eliminates, any state control of how state tax dollars are spent?

I urge you to establish an investigation and seek outside council, outside the refugee and asylum industry, to establish what is going on:

Is the State Dept. PRM acting illegally? Are the annual reports to Congress fraudulent? Is there fraud in the entire refugee intake and disbursement industry? How bad is it? Is screening effective or a joke? How bad is the refugee and asylum fraud? Is 80,000 refugees (120,000 including others) too high? All go on welfare and most stay on welfare for a decade or more, most for life. Is the State Dept. PRM engaged In a cover-up of the problems in communities swamped by refugee settlement, and the conflict and resentment pressures that did not exist before?

What ethnic groups are unable to assimilate and hold productive employment and not be a tax burden at 1 year, 5 years and 10 years? How does this impact the small communities that suddenly have 50, 100, 200 third world refugees to care for and integrate? Refugees with communicable diseases, physical and mental disabilities are a tremendous burden but much of the cost is hidden outside the State Dept expenses, i.e., Medicaid, Medicare, SSSI, SSDI, Section 8, state welfare programs, etc. Those outside costs must be identified and published. It is fraud to do otherwise.

Refugee and asylum criminals are an enormous expense.
The Tsarnaevs, brought to us by the State Dept.’s asylum program, will cost the US $100 million including court costs. How involved are refugees in Medicaid, Medicare, SSDI, and food stamp fraud? The numbers will shock you. The overwhelming number of terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims. Muslims do not assimilate. Let me give you an example. In Minnesota, the groups with the highest poverty rate (and use the most welfare) are Somalis (63%), the Minneapolis average is 12%. Almost all of these Somalis are refugees or their family members the State Dept. PRM allowed them to bring to America ignoring their inability to financially support them. Yet the State Dept Annual Report promotes great results for achieving economic independence for refugees. Muslims believe they should be able to implement Sharia law. But Sharia law discriminates against non-Muslims. These reasons alone should tell you that we should reduce Muslim immigration. We should reduce all refugee immigration. Instead we should focus on ‘compatible cultural zones’ (CCZs) for resettlement. Muslims are resettled in Muslim countries so they can be happy with an Islamic law based lifestyle. Syrian Muslims should be resettled in rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, etc

The United States welcomes over half of all refugees resettled in the world, more than all other resettlement countries combined. Australia and Canada welcomed over 40% but are now reducing their intake. Europe is bursting from illegal immigration and refugee and asylum demands and major restrictions are being put in place. Rich Islamic countries take almost none. The US State Dept. has imported more than 3 million refugees over the past 30 years. Yet there has been no large scale retrospective analysis or statistical sampling of these refugees to verify they have been successful at assimilating to America and are not dependent on government welfare as promised by the 1980 refugee act. The State Dept. PRM has admitted more than 12,000 refugees with terrorist activity exemptions (TRIG)! Does anyone follow up that these ‘refugees’ are being productive and achieving financial independence? I assure you the annual report by the State Dept. PRM is a fraud. There is no audit ever!

There are many questions about how refugees are recruited and screened. For example, the State Dept. PRM maintains refugee recruitment centers in Africa and Asia. What is shocking is that the PRM maintains a dedicated refugee recruitment center in Austria! What in the world is the State Dept. PRM doing recruiting refugees (through an NGO under contract) in Austria? Shouldn’t Austria be doing resettlement in their own country of asylum seekers? We should end all family reunification for refugees. The African/Middle East refugee and asylum programs are plagued by fraud and corruption. Four countries of origin (Somalia, DRC, Eritrea, and Sudan) currently account for the vast majority of U.S. admissions from the region, and these refugees have proven unable to assimilate and become financially independent, but instead become permanent dependents on the US government. Addressing the issue of Compatible Culture Zones (CCZs), why are the rich Arab countries NOT taking any permanent refugees? They are rich but they insist we have to take them all, but they are all culturally compatible (i.e., Muslim) to the refugees. Are you being played as a ‘useful idiot’ by these Arab countries?

Loan fraud and nonpayment is epidemic.
The State Dept. pays for flying refugees to the US from the NGO processing centers around the world. The cost of this flight is a ‘loan’ to the refugee. The State Dept. does not report the recovery rate for these ‘loans’ because the overwhelming majority DO NOT PAY THE LOAN BACK! It’s a joke on the American taxpayers, and the State Dept. PRM is laughing all the way to their budget review meeting.

I urge you to begin an investigation of the State Dept, its PRM organization and the NGOs who lobby and promote refugees to feed their refugee dumping system. This year the State Dept. PRM is asking for a substantial increase in their budget. Are we not broke? Why do these asylum immigrants get immediate eligibility for all welfare programs and why is it indefinite? The State Dept. PRM does provide some funding for the first eight months. The NGOs spend those months shuttling around the new refugees signing them up for all the welfare programs, or queuing them for when they become eligible after the eight months has expired. The refugee program was supposed to not leave refugees as a burden on the taxpayers and states nor have a negative impact on these communities where they are dumped. But that is exactly what is happening. And why is our government financing these NGOs, many of them get as much as 97% of their ‘revenues’ from the government through State Department grants. And is it not ILLEGAL for a NGO to use government funds they solicit for refugee settlement to be used for lobbying and propaganda? Isn’t this starting to smell? The IRC, for example, is HUGE, and has just hired a new CEO Milliban for $430,000 – that is more than President Obama makes! These NGOs don’t give a crap about the poor citizens in America which must deal with these inassimilable refugees. They are just in it for the money; they and the UN aggressively push refugees in the US who will always be a burden on our government welfare system. Local communities’ concerns are ignored or covered up by the NGOs and the State Dept. PRM. The State Dept. PRM has even started a propaganda arm “Welcoming America” to outshout the dissenters and bully those who criticize the refugee program. Truly, our small local communities have become looked down upon as hicks and bigots and we have no rights to refuse this dumping.

You are familiar with the revolving door in Washington. Look into the revolving doors at the State Dept. PRM and the NGOs who depend heavily on PRM largesse to run their rackets. Secretary Richards herself is part of this revolving door ‘all in the family’ system. Before working for the State Dept., who doles out the money, she worked for an NGO lobbying the State Dept. PRM for money. Doesn’t this smell to you? It does to me. And that is only one example.

Who watches over the NGOs? NGOs operating in the refugee industry receive over $1 billion annually from the US Govt. to recruit and resettle over 100,000 refugee and asylum candidates every year. Does the federal govt. have board oversight and reporting mechanisms within these NGOs? No they do not. NGOs on average get 80% or more of their funding from the US Govt. This is up from less than 10% twenty years ago. Has it become a racket, and the NGOs need more and more refugees for ‘product’ to sell the US govt? Has an incestuous relationship evolved between the State Dept and the NGOs? Look at all the officers at the State Dept. Many are from the refugee industry. Are they biased, are they concerned more about expanding the refugee industry than the taxpayer’s dollar? All NGOs have a propaganda and lobbying arm. They lobby Congress for more money per head, and more heads. That is how they grow their business. Think about it. Our government is giving tax dollars to an NGO that uses those tax dollars to produce biased propaganda and lobby Congressmen to expand endlessly the refugee intake!

There is so much more. Big business conflicts’, shocking food stamp and Medicaid fraud, the list is long. These are hard questions and the truth must be found out.

I urge you to call for an investigation and listen to concerned citizens. Call those officers in the State Dept. and the NGOs to task for their deceptions and fraud. We must seriously curb all refugee and asylum settlement and undertake a full investigation of the fraud, costs and corruption that has become the refugee business and the malevolent organizations that we are financing, much to the detriment of our treasury and our communities. The Refugee and Asylum Racket is BIG BUSINESS and lucrative, just ask the Tsarnaevs!

After reading my comments to the State Dept. PRM’s public comment period, I would like someone from the Committee’s staff to reply to me regarding the answers to the many issues I have brought to your attention. This staff person can assure me that my letters were read and that research regarding my claims are now underway.

[Personal contact info and address removed]

P.S. I would also like to know why the State Dept. this year terminated the public hearing portion of their annual review. Last year, the State Dept. banned any camera or recording devices at their one day public comment hearing? Isn’t that my tax money that is paying for that meeting? What are they afraid of that they refuse to allow recording at the public hearings, and now refuse to have public hearings at all? This is important to me that you tell me why the State Dept. did this. I just received an email Weds. June 4th from the State Dept. PRM stating they are refusing to release any of the public comment records received including my own! What are they hiding?

The following pages are my public comments to the Annual State Dept. Request for Public Comments for 2015 Refugee Quotas and Budget
(next page please)

Dear Ms. Spruell, (State Dept PRM)
COMMENTS TO STATE FOR MAY 29th 2014 SENT BY EMAIL ( and FAX (202) 453-9393)
ATTN: Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration Ms. Anne Richards US State Department
Washington, DC. 20520
May 29th, 2014

Re: Federal Register Public Notice 19958-29 (2014 – 8113) Comment Request

Dear Ms Richard: I am writing to submit written comments on the President’s FY 2015 U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and the State Dept’s proposed budget for refugee resettlement for 2015. I also strongly protest that the State Dept. unilaterally chose to cancel any public hearings for May 2014. Last year you refused to allow video recording of the hearings. This year, you have unilaterally decided that no public hearings will be done. What happened to government transparency? Who pays your salary, the taxpayers or the refugees?

I request that I be provided a complete copy of all testimony and comments, preferably electronic or at a State Dept. website that you have established.

The refugee and asylum resettlement programs are corrupt, controlled by insiders with conflict of interests and plagued with fraud and incompetence in admissions and reports to Congress. The State Dept. and its NGOs actively engage in dumping third world refugees across the country. After their initial support period (usually 8 months) ends, these inassimilable refugees become burden$ to the state, and in many cases, become lifetime consumers of federal, state and local welfare benefits.

In this document I outline some of the problems within the refugee and asylum program and call for Congress to investigate and take immediate action to radically reform the refugee program.

When the refugee and asylum programs were formalized as a government financed arm of the State Department in 1980, many promises were made to the American people. Refugees were not to negatively impact the communities they were dropped upon and the refugees were not to be a long term burden on the taxpayers. Both of these promises have been broken and the State Dept. has actively engaged in fraud and deception in their annual reports to Congress regarding refugee ‘economic independence.’ The State Dept. engages in reporting fraud to the US Congress and actively propagandize (along with the NGOs) using taxpayer money to suppress dissent, and cover up the fraud and negative impact of refugee resettlement.

A few of the problems the State Dept. PRM actively engages in:

Introduction of Third World diseases to America.
The State Dept PRM actively suppresses data regarding the introduction of diseases and the chronic and expensive medical needs of refugees. No one at PRM is reporting the admission rates for refugees with specific diseases such as scabies, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis B, hepatitis C, gonorrhea, syphilis, measles and rubella, malaria and Chagas disease. No one at PRM is researching the medical costs borne by taxpayers for treating diseased, and physically and mentally ill refugees. No one knows! It’s off the books and lost in the Medicare and Medicaid ‘miscellaneous’ budget. It is deception and fraud for the PRM not to estimate these indirect costs in their annual reports to Congress. PRM’s intentional omission of these costs is malevolent.

Inadequate screening of Muslims with jihad/sharia beliefs
Remember the Tsarnaevs? You brought them here as ‘asylum seekers.’ Then they started traveling back and forth to Dagestan (their home country they were supposedly ‘fleeing persecution.’) Your NGOs set them up on welfare and that is where they stayed for ten years. Meanwhile, the wife engaged in grand theft, and the sons conspired to commit jihad against US citizens. The State Dept. PRM is an accessory to murder. The Tsarnaevs committed murder at the Boston marathon, and the State Dept. PRM brought it to us, did not follow up on their fraud, and supported the family reunification for these fraudsters as they brought their sons to America despite having no financial resources (other than our generous welfare) to support them. The Boston marathon attacks were committed by jihadis allowed into the US as part of family reunification. What is more disconcerting is how their parents were able to easily attain asylum. Just like that. They were here on tourist visas and through the father’s sister, were able to get asylum status. Who checked on these people? Why do asylum seekers get unlimited welfare access? Forever? They did not pay a dime into the system and milked it for all it’s worth. If their homeland was so terrible, why did they go back on ‘tourist’ visits and now live there permanently apparently. The mother was a shoplifter and skipped back to southern Russia to avoid trial for a $1600 theft (shoplifting) at Lord and Taylor’s. Are they still on welfare? Are we depositing welfare payments in their bank accounts in Russia? America is a sucker and the State Dept. is the biggest sucker of all. What about the hundreds of thousands of Somalis that the State Dept. has imported? Is the State Dept. even aware of the criminal behavior Somalis are notorious for in Minneapolis? Entire communities have been destroyed. They don’t call areas of Minneapolis ‘Little Somalia’ for nothing. There is truly a perverse agenda at the State Dept. as they bring in more and more inassimilable groups and dump them in American communities. And who pays for this folly? We do, the struggling taxpayers. Do you plan to do the same thing for Syrian ‘refugees?’

Somalia fraud in refugee and family reunification is well documented, yet the State Dept. PRM plans to bring more than 6,000 more to add to the more than 200,000 Somalis that have been imported over the past 10 years. In 2008, the State Department was shocked to discover that the family reunification program was so riddled with fraud that tens of thousands of Africans, mostly Somalis, got into the US by lying! The program was closed for years, but is now up and running again! None of those fraudulent refugees were prosecuted. The State Dept. left them alone to live off the US welfare state and become citizens! It was just too much trouble and would make the State Dept. look incompetent to track them down.

Why are we importing more Somalis anyway? Somalia has a functioning government now. A recent report from MN Compass show that 67% of Somalis in Minnesota ( the main resettlement target for Somalis) are welfare dependent! Over 80% of female Muslim refugees do NOT work and have multiple children at enormous expense to Medicaid, CHIP and other welfare programs. Yet the State Depts annual report to Congress says that refugees have successfully assimilated and do not use government welfare above US averages. Someone is lying, and sadly it is the State Dept PRM.

State Depts. PRM plan to import 15,000 CAR/Congolese refugees should be canceled.
It is time to stop all importation of refugees from central Africa. These ethnic groups have extreme difficulties adjusting to America. They have great difficulty in learning and the overwhelming majority will remain wards of the state (i.e., permanent welfare dependency). Instead, we should establish Compatible Culture Zones (CCZs) within adjacent countries and provide in-place assistance only. Why do rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar refuse to take any Muslim refugees and insist we take them?

Demand an end to the revolving door between the State Dept PRM and the NGOs, NGO lobbying using taxpayer money, NGO dumping of refugees in communities with inadequate support, Call to reform and increase NGO oversight (excessive salaries, conflict of interest)
As you are aware, the NGOs have become almost entirely dependent on govt. funding. The refugee program has become the Refugee Racket industry. Annually, the State Dept PRM hands out over one billion dollars to these NGOs, yet has no control over these NGOs’ boards, and salaries. Why do some of these NGOs CEOs make over $500,000 annually, yet receive over 90% of their ‘revenue’ from the US government? It all looks corrupt and plagued with nepotism.

Another disturbing aspect is the revolving door between NGOs and the State Dept PRM. Anne Richards, the Asst. Secretary, is a former executive with an NGO (IRC, one of the largest NGOs almost entirely dependent on PRM funding.) The conflict of interests is obvious. NGOs get paid per head for each refugee they resettle, and their intent is to push through as many refugees they can. The State Dept. PRM supposed goal is to make sure refugees are NOT a burden on the American taxpayer and do not negatively impact the communities where they are resettled. Where does Anne Richards stand on this? Is this why the annual reports to Congress are misleading regarding the ‘economic independence’ of settled refugees? NGOs must not be allowed to lobby and propagandize to promote more refugee importations on the taxpayer’s dime. It is contemptible. For example, the Lutheran LIRS NGO is budgeting millions to lobby Congress and a review of their annual reports show that 97% of their budget comes from the State Dept PRM! What is going on here? I, as a taxpayer, must pay for the dependent refugees. I pay for the NGO, and its highly paid executives, to bring these ‘refugees’ to the US. After eight months, the NGO drops them, the money has run out from the State Dept. PRM and they move on to the next refugee recruits. Then the NGO uses some of this taxpayer money to lobby for MORE refugees and attack their critics! It is absurd.

Who audits these NGOs like the IRC, Catholic, Hebrew, and so many others? There are 9 major NGOs spending over one billion dollars on the taxpayer’s behalf every year, this government funding averages over 80% of their budgets! We OWN these industries but have no oversight over their boards! And that is only part of the overall cost for the government’s annual refugee and asylum quota, now exceeding 100,000 per year. There must be accountability. Is anyone looking at the long term ramifications of allowing these NGOs to have free reign to import thousands of inassimilable groups and dump them in our towns? Why do officers of these NGOs make more than the President? David Milliband was just hired as CEO of one group (International Rescue Committee) with a $430,000 salary! Over half of their funding is paid by US taxpayers, others are over 90%! Does anyone care about the citizens who have to deal with these NGOs and the inassimilable people they dump into our communities?

Demand State Rights to Refuse Refugees, State Rights to Control NGOs, State Rights to Immediately End Refugee Settlement
If a state agrees to resettle refugees it should be done through a state office COMPLETELY ACCOUNTABLE TO ELECTED OFFICIALS AND TAXPAYERS.

Demand Deportation and Stripping of Citizenship of Refugees Who Commit Welfare Fraud
As I have studied the US refugee program over the past year, it is shocking the amount of welfare fraud committed by refugees. Any searches at Refugee Resettlement Watch will produce numerous articles from around the country exposing MILLIIONS in food stamp and Medicaid fraud by refugees imported by the State Dept PRM. Does the PRM monitor refugees for criminal fraud? Why are these criminal refugees’ immigration rights not being revoked and deported? Apparently after the PRM has dumped them in the states, it is no longer their problem. It’s the taxpayer’s problem!

State Dept PRM is subservient to the Corrupt UN and UNHCR
I oppose the PRM being subservient to the UN and the corrupt UNHCR. This organization is controlled by America haters and Muslims, and they are constantly pushing the US to take some of the worst ‘refugees’ into the US and place them on our welfare and disrupt communities throughout the country.

We borrow BILLIONS so that we can import the world’s poor and drain the US Treasury by putting them on welfare forever.

The State Dept. PRM has requested a substantial increase in their budget for 2015. No financial crisis here! For a nation that is broke, why are we financing the importation of huge numbers of inassimilable and dependent people into America? Why do we allow family chain immigration for the initially approved refugee with no concern for the welfare impact of importing more low education inassimilable refugee relatives? It is the destruction of American communities by stealth by the State Dept PRM. While I want to end the refugee and asylum programs due to their corruption and negative effects on communities, that request will be denied by those in power at the State Dept. PRM. Therefore, I demand that a full scale audit and Congressional hearings regarding PRM corruption, conflicts of interest, the performance of refugees and asylum seekers and the NGOs placing them in the US be completed in 2014 before any further immigration is allowed. There are so many questions that demand answers. What percentage of entrants continues to use welfare after 1 year, 2 years, 5 years? Can we ban Muslim immigration due to the inherent hatred and preaching of violence toward nonbelievers demanded by Islam and its teachings? If no outright end can be considered, I urge that the government dramatically reduce refugee and asylum entries to less than 3,000 per year total including family resettlement (if family resettlement is not banned outright ).

The refugee program, like all government programs, started out small with a tightly targeted purpose and benevolent intentions. Now it is a monster devouring billions of dollars and destroying our communities. Indeed, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The State Department should declare a one year moratorium on settlement and take a critical look at how this program has been corrupted and how adversely it is affecting American communities.

To fully understand the corruption and incompetence in America’s refugee and asylum program, I recommend you study at length the rich and insightful Refugee Resettlement Watch website.

[Personal contact information removed]

Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security Additional CCs to Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Lindsay Graham Senator John McCain, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Cantor, House Speaker Boehner, etc.

Web Resources – refugee resettlement watch, muslim statistics ( Excellent source of muslim statistics and related news stories about muslim demographics in the West.) MN Compass

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